State Govt Cancels LRS Norms

Hyderabad, Dec.29 (Hydnow): In a major development Telangana Government today cancelled the LRS for registration of existing or old non- agricultural lands and properties in state. The government discussed on pros and cons of LRS registration and lifted the norms and gave nod for old system to continue.

The decision to cancel the LRS comes after mounting pressure and outcry by opposition parties, people organizations and others. It gives reprieve to people, and builders on their lands and properties of non agriculture. The government lifted LRS restrictions on the same and allowed for hassle free registration of the properties.
The existing old lands, properties can get this facility and registrations be made as per fresh guidelines. However it denied permission to new plots which can be registered later on approval by noted official organizations.

State Govt Cancels LRS Norms

Thus the existing plots and properties applied for registration can complete the process with this. There are about 25.59 lakhs of applications came for registrations of the lands and properties under non agriculture sector.

Now the government paved way for the sale of buildings and properties by people who seek to get money towards higher education and marriages of their children. (Hydnow)

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