Tablighi Jamaat members quarantined at mosques in Hyderabad

Members of the Tablighi Jamaat, who cleared the COVID-19 screening, are now under quarantine at different mosques and religious institutions.

Several members of the Tablighi Jamaat from the city, who had participated in a Markaz religious meeting in New Delhi and their families, were taken for screening to different hospitals by the COVID-19 surveillance teams.

Those, who did not show any symptoms of the pandemic and have cleared the screening, were advised by the health authorities to observe quarantine.

“Many TJ members from the Jamia Masjid, Moazampura were taken to the Gandhi Hospital for screening of novel Coronavirus disease and after finding, they did not show any symptoms, and were sent back. However, all of them have to complete the quarantine period,” said an official of Habeebnagar police station.

As a precautionary measure, those who were sent back are staying in the religious seminaries or mosques where they were previously staying. “These days, mosques are not getting gatherings and madarsas (schools) are closed and compared to homes, these places are much spacious to observe quarantine,” said another official.

The TJ authorities have asked the police to allow their members and male persons from their families to stay in the mosques or seminaries to curb their interaction with the public. In instances of women relatives of those who were suspected for coronavirus, the authorities asked them to observe quarantine at home only, it is learnt.

The authorities are also in touch with several Islamic seminaries and headquarters of the local religious groups to takeover the premises to accommodate the suspect cases of COVID-19 for quarantine if the numbers of cases increase.

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