Assembly Nods Amendments To Key Acts, Adjourns Sine Die

Hyderabad, Oct.13 (Hydnow): One day special session of Assembly today approved amendments to four acts including GHMC act offering 50 per cent reservations to the women in the polls.

Speaker Pocharam Srinivas Reddy chaired the session. Municipal Minister K T Rama Rao proposed the amendments to the acts as the house held amid corona protocols. There was no question hour in the house while KTR gave reply to the queries asked by other members.

The five act got amendments approved to 50 per cent reservations to women in the GHMC polls. The house approved the Indian stamp act by canceling discretionary powers to the sub-registrars on the land registrations in the state on land prices. The house also approved another key amendment to the act that the state election commission has to contact the government before the conduct of the elections. Criminal procedure code,.Dharani online services for lands registrations and removal of powers under 47 A for the registrars on land registrations are the main amendments got nod from the house.

The ministers KTR, V Prashanth Reddy, and A Indrakaran Reddy proposed the amendments for these bills. After a brief talk the house approved the amendments and adjourned the house sine die. Earlier the minister KTR has said that under leadership of chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, Hyderabad city is fast developing as Global destination. He informed the house that the Centre in its report said that Telangana has recorded one per cent greenery from 5 to 6 per cent in the state.

The state government has allotted funds by increasing 2.5 per cent to 10 per cent for greenery, KTR has said. As per the new acts the GHMC will get wards committees, reservations will be continued for two terms or 10 years to have accountability among the leaders.

On the amendments he said that the state government brought in 2015 the bills paving way for 50 per cent of the reservations to the women in GHMC polls. The TRS government has got elected 79 women in the civic body polls for first time giving priority, KTR claimed.

The Council will take up the same proceedings on its Wednesday session and approve. The Council will discuss on the key bills that pave way for hassle free conduct of the polls in GHMC, and others for better administration and services. (Hydnow)

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