BJP Demands Dharani Portal Suspension

Hyderabad, Dec.19 (Hydnow): BJP National General Secretary Muralidhar Rao today demanded the state government to immediately suspend the Dharani Web-portal. He alleged that the entire process of registration had gone haywire after the launch of the portal.

Addressing media persons at the state party headquarters, he said that the state government had stopped the registration of agriculture and non agriculture properties since the last three months. He alleged that the state government which promised to bring revolution through the Dharani portal failed to do so. Rao said that the people of the state were facing so many problems due to the Dharani website.

He also said that while the state government was losing revenue the builders were suffering a lot due to the suspension of the registration process. He recalled that state used to witness around 16 lakh registration every year and added that of the total registrations 80 percent were of non registration process. He alleged that the Dharani portal had become a heaven for those who execute fake registrations. He said that there was no provision to mention the details of link documents in the portal.

He made it clear that the sub registrars of the state had no power to stop the registration process except for the reasons mentioned in section 22 A of the Indian registration Act. (Hydnow)

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