CM Alerts State Machinery Over Tank, Lake Breaches In City

Hyderabad, Oct.21 (Hydnow): The Chief Minister of the state K Chandrashekhar Rao today asked the official machinery to be on high alert to ensure that tanks and lakes in Hyderabad city are not breached due to heavy rains and flash floods. He wanted at least 15 special teams to be formed to examine the tanks in the city from time to time and take the necessary measures to prevent any untoward incident. The CM spoke to Principal Secretary (Water Resources) Rajat Kumar in this regard.

“Hyderabad received heavy rains which were unprecedented in the last hundred years. This has resulted in heavy floodwater inflows. Besides the floodwater in the city, water from the tanks in surrounding areas also entered the city. All the tanks are overflowing with water. The Met department forecast says there are chances of more heavy rains. Against this backdrop, the entire official machinery should be on a high alert. As the tanks in city have water to their capacity and there are still floodwater inflows coming into them. There is every likelihood of these tanks getting breached causing more damage. Hence, at least 15 special teams with water Resources department officials and staff should be formed. They should examine each and every tank and lake in the city. Identify the tanks that may breach and take precautionary measures. Whenever tanks are breached repair them. Alert people in the low lying areas and those living in vulnerable places. Shift people from these areas to safer places,” the CM instructed.(Hydnow)

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