Corrupt Free Lands Registration In 10 Minutes: CM KCR

Hyderabad, Sept.14 (Hydnow): Chief Minister, K Chandrasekhar Rao today informed the legislative Council that corruption free land registration of lands in Telangana will now be done in just 10 minutes.

Details pertaining to all sorts of lands registration, mutation, updation to be done as planned and copies can be availed in just 10 minutes he said. Introducing the new revenue bill in the upper house, KCR asserted that the new revenue act will ensure hassle free mechanism of registration of the lands and there is no scope for corruption.
After the debate the upper house has approved the revenue bill which becomes act immediately on issuing of Gazette notification and completion of norms. Earlier, the chief Minister reiterated that there is no scope for the corruption and the government his determined to route it out through the new act.

He assured that the Dharani portal is fool proof as neither registrars nor Thahasildars can tamper it for any changes. The registration of the lands was so planned to deny any illegal entries and tampering, he claimed. The official portal opens on giving correct details of biometric, Irish, Aadhar and others.

We have planned the new revenue act impeccably for three years to prune any chance of corruption. The chief Minister has stated that the people and land owners are now free from fear or doubt of their lands. The new revenue act aims at offering the best services to people and officials were instructed to follow suit he said. It is for the officials to implement the new act by offering people and user friendly services to fetch name to the government.

There are no lands in Telangana now pertaining to land lords, Jagirdars and Jamindars. All lands details to be made available in Dharani official portal and people can view them. The government has cancelled revenue courts and related controversies can be made in the courts.

We the government cannot waste time on such issues as our aim is to end the problem of corruption to people and farmers. (Hydnow)

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