Harish Rao Lashes Out at NITI Aayog

Harish Rao Lashes Out at PM Modi

Hyderabad, Feb.9 (Hydnow): Finance Minister T Harish Rao today lashed out at Prime Minister Narenda Modi for his alleged remarks in parliament against the statehood and bifurcation.

He conducted a protest program as part of the TRS’ Statewide protest call given by its working president and minister KT Rama Rao against Modi’s jibe on statehood.

Harish Rao, in a twitter, said the TRS chief had fought for statehood for Telangana region for a long time and achieved it. By convincing 33 political parties in Delhi, KCR achieved statehood by a pitched battle, he recalled.


The BJP in the Opposition in parliament had extended support for the statehood, but now Narendra Modi made insulting remarks against the democracy and State of Telangana, Harish Rao said.

Harish Rao Lashes Out at PM Modi
Harish Rao Lashes Out at PM Modi

He also reminded that the BJP came up with Kakinada resolution in the 90’s for two Telugu States.

“Now, the entire State is burning against the comments of Prime Minister Modi, who should tender an apology”, he demanded.


Parliament was aghast over Modi talking against statehood, he said. Harish Rao sought to know as to why the Centre failed to address bifurcation issues for seven years.

“We have been urging the BJP Government for seven years to address our demands and issues but and no response yet”, he fumed.

Harish Rao asked Modi what democracy it was to approve three farm laws in parliament when the Opposition parties and BJP allies opposed them.


The Modi government failed to protect the interests of the farmers by approving the farm bills, he said, adding that the TRS leaders convinced the ruling and 33 other political parties in favour of statehood.

Modi’s comments were only ridiculing the aspirations of four crore people of Telangana, he said. Is it injustice to achieve statehood by KCR who tried to sacrifice his life and with many sacrificing their lives, he asked. (Hydnow)

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