Jagga Reddy Corners Govt On Traffic Challans

Hyderabad, Sept.14 (Hydnow): Congress party MLA T. Jayaprakash Reddy today cornered the state government over the issue of unregulated imposition of challans on traffic violators. He wondered if the state government had fixed targets to the traffic police to impose fines on the general public of the state.

He alleged that the people of the state were facing a lot of problems in the ruling TRS government. He also alleged that the ruling party was allowing the opposition parties to speak in the issue.

Speaking to media persons at Gunpark, he said that imposition of fines by traffic police on auto rikshaw owners, two wheeler drivers had gone up in the states He also alleged that huge amount of fines were being levied even for the minor traffic violation. Reddy said that he people of the state were suffering a lot due to the traffic fines. He claimed that half of the money being earned by the poor auto Rikshaw and others was going towards the payment of the fines.

He asked the state government if it was necessary to impose fines on the people of the state amid Covid 19 virus Pandemic. He alleged that the Challans were being imposed to fill up the coffers of the state government. He demanded the CM of the state to stop the imposition of the traffic fines. (Hydnow)

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