Niranjan Reddy Bats For Pulses Production, Consumption

Hyderabad, Feb.3 (Maxim News): Agriculture Minister Singireddy Niranjan Reddy today underscored the need for increased cultivation and consumption of pulses in Telangana.

He exhorted the farmers in the state to cultivate pulses and cereals which are more nutritious and healthy for consumption. He launched a wall poster for 2021 of Telangana Federation of Commerce and Industry here. On the occasion the minister said that World Pulses Day will be celebrated on Feb 10.

He greeted the federation and farmers who have to shift focus on production of cereals. India is the biggest producer of pulses with about 20 to 22 million tons of pulses the minister said. Pulses have better protein content than others as they have 3 percent more than paddy and 2 percent more than that of wheat. They comprise about 20 to 25 percent of proteins the minister said. He asked the farmers and people to give priority to pulses production and consumption for good health.
After meat and chicken, pulses ans cereals are more, nutritious, and give strengths he averred. Chief Minister, K Chandrasekhar Rao has encouraged the farmers to grow red gram in 10.8 lakh acres, the minister said.

asked the farmers to grow more pulses line red gram, green gram and tiger varieties to get benefits. Production of the pulses and increase in the overall productivity will boost farming with benefits he said.The minister said that our country imports about 2 million to see 3 million tons of pulses every year to cater to growing needs. (Maxim News)

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