'Pathaan' Boycott: Fans & Bhakts Fight over twitter'Pathaan' Boycott: Fans & Bhakts Fight over twitter

‘Pathaan’ Boycott: Fans & Bhakts Fight over twitter

After a specific portion of Twitter advocated for the boycott of the movie, Shah Rukh Khan’s followers took to Twitter to show their support for his upcoming film Pathaan. On Tuesday, a previously unreleased video interview with SRK appeared “appeared again on social media. The hashtag “boycott Pathaan movie” started trending on Twitter as soon as the video became viral.

When asked in the video if he thought bigotry was on the rise, SRK responded, “I mean simply for the symbolic gesture, absolutely, if I have to. But intolerance exists. Extreme intolerance exists. I believe that intolerance is on the rise.” Although we were unable to verify the video’s veracity or whether anything had been removed through editing.

If India is an intolerant nation, why is Shah Rukh Khan still living here? Boycott the movie “Pathan,” a person who shared the video remarked.” The game is ended for Bollywood actors like Bhaijaan, Badshah, Perfectionist, etc., according to another tweet. They have more than enough money, but their star power is dwindling.”


As soon as possible, Shah Rukh’s supporters flocked to his aid and responded appropriately to all the “negativity” by making the hashtag “India Awaits Pathaan” trend. “We have completed 100k tweets,” one user wrote. I’d want to thank all the #ShahRukhKhan supporters for responding to hatred on a large scale. You must not mistreat #Pathaan.

Pathaan, which is directed by Siddharth Anand of “War” and “Bang Bang” fame, is billed as “a high-octane spy thriller.” Deepika Padukone and John Abraham are featured as well. Shah Rukh Khan will appear in two more movies in 2023: the Rajkumar Hirani-directed “Dunki” and the action-entertainer “Jawan” with South Indian director Atlee.

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