Telangana A Pillar In India’s Growth: KTR

Hyderabad, Nov.1 (Hydnow): IT Minister K T Rama Rao today said that Telangana is the pillar in the national development.

He slammed the centre for denying funds for development of Telangana. The centre returns less than half the taxes it gets from our state he said. Investments in key sectors boost development in farm, industries and services sector.

In twitter KTR said that the people of Telangana should know that since 2014, our state’s contribution to Centre in the form of taxes is a whopping Rs 2,72,926 Cr. Whereas what Centre has released to Telangana is Rs 1,40,329 Cr!, the minister said. Telangana continues to be a pillar of strength for India, he claimed.

He said that national per capita income was 54.9 and state per capita income was pegged at 83.9 he clarified. The minister said that the state GDP is more than that of the Centre.

We feel proud of rising GDP and the credit goes to better policies being implemented by Chief Minister, K Chandrasekhar Rao, KTR said. (Hydnow)

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