Vote TRS As communal BJP Denied Funds: Harish

Hyderabad, Nov.29 (Hydnow): Finance minister T Harish Rao today accused the BJP of trying to blame the TRS government to gain in GHMC polls. At Patancheruvu he conducted a campaign for GHMC polls on the last day.

Our government is noted for welfare and development and gave Rs 650 cr to flood victims. Rest of the victims will get Rs 10000 help from December 7. The BJP stalled this help and make false promises to give Rs 25000 to them he charged.

While no central leader gave money to them they seek votes now he charged. The people should reject the BJP as the centre denied funds to help flood victims Harish Rao said. The minister said that the BJP rakes up communal issues now for votes and creating chaos. Do not believe in divisive politics of the BJP and the Congress as they try to stall growth he said. The centre has cancelled ITIR and denied funds to the state. The BJP National leaders come in groups and the local leaders to make any promise for city development.

He listed out welfare schemes, worth Rs 40000 cr for various sections. Vote the TRS local party win the polls for continuing development he urged the gathering. (Hydnow)

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