We Will Win Dubbak By-Polls With A Huge Majority: Uttam

Hyderabad/Dubbak, Oct.8 (Hydnow): Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee (TPCC) President N. Uttam Kumar Reddy expressed confidence that Congress candidate Ch Srinivas Reddy would win the Dubbak Assembly by-elections with a huge majority.

Addressing a series of election meetings in Dubbak constituency on Thursday, Uttam Kumar Reddy said that the people of Dubbak would crush the arrogance of TRS on November 3. He said that Chief Minister K. ChandrashekharRao was insulting the Dubbak voters by distributing money and liquor among them to seek their votes in by-elections. He alleged that CM KCR had accumulated huge illegal wealth through commissions and corruption and distributing the same to lure voters. He asked the people Dubbak to accept if TRS offers them cash, liquor and other freebies. But they should vote only for Congress candidate Srinivas Reddy on November 3. He said that the money being distributed by TRS leaders was public money and people have a right over it.

Uttam accused CM KCR of commercializing politics and taking it to the lowest level. He alleged that CM KCR has been using liquor and money as the biggest tools to win Gram Panchayat, Municipal, Assembly or Parliament elections. He said corruption and manipulation of elections have become the new normal under the TRS regime.

The TPCC Chief said that CM KCR has cheated all sections of the society. He said Scheduled Tribes and Muslims were cheated with the promise of 12% reservation in jobs and education. Dalist were cheated on the promise of three acres of land for each family and double bed room houses. He said none of the promises made by TRS in 2014, 2018 and 2019 elections have been fulfilled. He said that the jobless youth were yet to get the promised Unemployment Allowance of Rs. 3,016 per month although the TRS Govt was about to complete its two years of its second term, he said.

Reddy accused the TRS Govt of taking away the lands of poor people and farmers in the name of various projects. He said that the displaced persons were not even paid adequate compensation. He said that the TRS Government has launched different projects only to benefit the contractors and get commission. He said that the people of Dubbak should do a comparison and decide whether their lives were better in the present TRS regime or previous Congress Government.

The TPCC Chief also appealed to the Congress cadre to work for the party’s victory in by-elections. He alleged that CM KCR and his family were trying to humiliate the entire Telangana society by using money power to win the by-polls. Therefore, TRS must be defeated so as to restore the pride of Telangana. He said Dubbak by-elections were sufficient to teach KCR a fitting lesson.

Reddy warned the TRS leaders against misusing official machinery to win the by-elections. He said that the Congress party would wage a strong battle to prevent the ruling party leaders from violating the Model Code of Conduct. (Hydnow)

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