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Dengue Creates Panic In Hyderabad

Dengue Creates Panic In Hyderabad

Hyderabad, Sept 24 (Hydnow): The State-run and private healthcare establishments reporting a spike in cases of dengue, public health officials have urged people in Hyderabad and districts to focus on preventive measures, especially do their best to avoid getting bitten by Aedes aegypti mosquito, the vector that transmits dengue virus through its bite.

According to doctors at private healthcare facilities, there has been a 10-fold rise in cases of dengue since August in Hyderabad. While there is no official confirmation, estimates suggested that dengue cases have increased from a monthly average of 150 to 160 cases to nearly 1200 in August and September.

Overall, till September, Telangana reported nearly 3,000 positive cases out of which nearly half are from Hyderabad. “The only way to prevent dengue is to avoid getting mosquito bites. Treatment for dengue is symptomatic and I would advise patients to drink plenty of fluids, ORS, coconut water, etc. Avoid self-medication and contact a doctor immediately, advised the superintendent, Fever Hospitals Dr. K. Shankar.


A senior pediatrician from Ankura Hospital for Women and Children, Dr. K K Durga Prasad in a statement has advised patients to take a lot of rest. “Rest is one of the most effective treatments to recover from any sickness, but children may want to stay active even during disease, he said.

In case a child gets dengue then parents should take caution to limit any strenuous activities of the child to make sure they get enough rest and allow their body to heal Dr. Shankar said.

the symptoms are high fever, nausea, muscle and joint pains, bleeding of gums, weakness, vomiting, drop in platelet count.


The important preventive measures are getting rid of stagnant water in households, Aedes aegypti is a morning biter, wearing long sleeves, avoiding self-medication and consulting a doctor, and observing dry days once a week. Staying hydrated improves blood volume and platelet count, a balanced diet must be for positive patients, and Platelet count among positive patients must be checked by experts frequently. (Hydnow)

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