Minister Kodali Nani Lashes Out At TDP leader Nara Lokesh

Vijayawada, Oct.30 (Maxim News): State civil supplies minister Kodali Nani lashed out at opposition TDP leader Nara Lokesh and claimed that he had never a waste Human being like Lokesh in his entire life. He mocked that Lokesh didn’t know the difference between a paddy crop and fish pond.

Speaking to media persons, he made it clear that there was no use for the TDP by the tours of Lokesh. He warned the opposition Party leader that they would teach him a befitting lesson if he had made indecent remarks against the chief Minister of the state YS Jaganmohan Reddy. Targeting another TDP leader Devineni Uma Maheswara Rao foe his recent agitation in support of the farmers of the state, he alleged that the former minister was playing dramas to gain the sympathy of the farmers of the state.

He reminded that the TDP was the party which ordered during against the farmers at Basheer Bagh during the 2002 protest program demanding the reduction in the electricity charges. He wondered as to why Devineni Uma didn’t shoot himself when his party president and the then CM of the undivided AP state ordered firing on the farmers at Basheer Bagh. Referring to the incident that took place at Guntur between police and the farmers, he said that they had taken action in the issue. (Hydnow)

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